Liite 1. Suomen kansallinen rokotusohjelma englanniksi

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Ulpu Elonsalo

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National Immunization Programme NIP in Finland

Taulukko 1. Children and adolescents
*Before that separate DTwP, Hib and Polio vaccines.
RV2 mo9/2009
DTaP-IPV-Hib +RV + PCV3 moDTaP-IPV-Hib 2005*
PCV 9/2010
DTaP-IPV-Hib + RV + PCV5 mo
DTaP-IPV-Hib + PCV12 mo
MMR12–18 mo1982
Seasonal influenza6–35 mo (annually)2007
6 mo– 6 y2018
DTaP-IPV4 y2005
MMR6 y
Varicella18 mo–11 y9/2017
HPVgirls 11–12 y11/2013
dtap14-15 y and 25 y
Taulukko 2. Adults
dT-booster under 65 yrs old every 20 yrs and 65 yrs or older every 10 yrs since 3/2018 (until 3/2018 all adults every 10 yrs)
PolioAll ages, if travelling to risk area over 4 weeks and previous vaccination > 12 months ago.
MMRif no protection by disease or 2 doses of vaccination
Taulukko 3. Additional vaccinations for special risk groups
BCGchildren under 7 yrs at riskuntil 9/2006 all infants
PCV + PPVchildren under 5 yrs2010
Seasonal influenzaall at medical risk for severe influenza
all 65 yrs or older
all pregnant
part of health care and social professionals
dtappart of health care professionals 3/2018
Hepatitis A and B
TBE 3 yrs and older living in spesified risk areas.
RV = rotavirusMMR = measles, mumps, rubella
DTaP = difteria, tetanus, acellular pertussis HPV = human papillomavirus vaccine
IPV = inactivated polio vaccinedtap = difteria, tetanus, acellular pertussis
Hib = haemophilus influenzae type bBCG = tuberculosis
PCV = pneumococcal conjugate vaccineTBE = tick born enchephalitis
PPV = pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine